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Parkers Crossroads RV Park

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Our Story

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The original RV Park was opened in the mid-70's and opened as a KOA. You will notice that as soon as you arrive since our office building has the traditional A-Frame look that most KOA's have. Of course, at that time RVing was totally different that it is now. Most of the sites were designed for pop-up campers, tents, and smaller units. By the time we bought the Park in September, 2009, the Park was in pretty bad shape, no true 50-amp service, only a few sites with sewers. The Pond was overgrown with weeds and scrub trees except for one area that had always had water. The Pond was about a 1/3 the size that it is now. To make matters worse, the Park had a reputation for bad service, actually no service and had little "curb" appeal...really no curb appeal.

We set in to clean everything up, and to expand and improve the sites. Gravel was added where needed and leveled. Decks were added to many of the sites, and we began the process of clearing all the tree stumps in some of the camping areas. We had one of the local tree companies come in to clear all the scrub trees, etc. from the pond as well as clean up the trees that ran along some of the roads around the Park. A well was dug to begin pumping water into the pond to help maintain it at a constant level and because the water is so cold, around 55 degrees, it helps control the algae that ponds get during the summer not to mention it makes the fish happy. Speaking of fish, we have some very large bass, catfish, and brim in the pond. Fishing is encouraged but is catch and release. Technically, you do need a fishing license but our game warden has told us that he has much more important things to do than to worry about whether someone has a fishing license for a private pond. We have cane poles and worms in the store.

As part of the improvement of the park we reworked how RVs park in our upper area, laid out new roads, changing the direction that the sites lie to make them easier to enter and exit, and added gravel. We later paved those sites with concrete to get them as level as possible. That area has become very popular with everyone that visits us and we often get reservations far in advance for those sites. As part of the improvements when we added the concrete pads we also upgraded all our sites to full-service sites which means they all have 50-, 30-, and 20-amp service, water, cable, and sewer. A year or so after we opened we added Wireless through out the Park. The majority of our sites have been designed to be pull-thrus.  Each year, we seem to add 2or 3 more sites because of demand but still have to turn campers away occasionally during our busy season. Pavillions were added to the Pond and Pool areas and later, several premium sites that have covers over the RVs, larger yards, and more privacy. 

Over the past couple of years, we have started offering RV repair work to our guests as well as to our local-area citizens. As most RVers are aware, there always seems to be something going wrong with our RVs and we originally had a traveling RV repair person that we could call and have come in to repair items but after he retired we started doing the repairs ourselves. Today, this has grown into a major part of our business as there really isn't many places to have RVs repaired between Nashville and Memphis. 

The Park is situated on 18+ acres of Tennessee rolling hills. Although we are located in Parkers Crossroads, an incorporated city, most of the commercial businesses are located around the Interstate exit. Since we are a mile and half from the Interstate we are actually mostly surrounded by cattle farms and farmland. In addition to the Park's 18 acres, we also rent an additional 10 acres of non-developed land that we use for folks that want to let their pets run and play without a leash. Most of the 18 acres is just open fields with trees and open fields. Very peaceful and surprisingly quiet considering we have a 5-lane highway running from I40 going North (and of course South).

Parkers Crossroads itself had it's own Civil War battle. A 3-day artillery and cavalry battle that ranged over most of the area. An interesting battle in that it was not a planned one. Each side just stumbled onto each other. The Union forces were coming from Nashville to help protect the railroad line going to Memphis and the Confederate forces were moving North from Alabama to cut the lines.  The Confederate forces had pretty much surrounded the Union forces until another Union group arrived and threatened to catch the Confederates between the two Union forces. The Confederates managed to pull their troops out of the trap and escape back to Alabama. There is a great Visitor Center at the exit that has information about the battle as well as the battle of Shiloh. That battlefield is located 50 miles South of Parkers Crossroads on Highway 22 as well. Shiloh was a major battle and that Park covers quite a bit of acreage. It is well worth a visit. Many of our guests stay an extra day to make the trip.

Today, Parkers crossroads has 2 sit-down type restuarants, Patty's and Crossroads Cafe with both offering a buffet. We also have a McDonalds, a Subway, and our personal favorite, a Dairy Queen. We have Shell, Marathon, and Phillips 66 filling stations. We use and recommend the Phillips station especially if you need diesel as those pumps are in the back of the station and are easy to enter and exit. Lexington is the nearest town at 12 miles, Huntingdon is North of us at 14 miles. Both have Walmarts. Clarksburg is 4 miles to the North of us and as a great little country supermarket for those that don't want to fight the Walmart crowds. Tucks, our favorite BBQ spot is also located in Clarksburg.